When it comes to attending an in-person academic conference in 2022, feeling a bit rusty is understandable. Or perhaps you haven’t yet had an opportunity in your career to attend a conference. Here are a few reminders of what you stand to gain by participating in this “meeting of the minds.”

  • Cutting-edge information. This is where researchers share their most recent findings – and where lively discussion ensues. You’ll be among the first to know the latest data, and insights directly from researchers can include detail not in their publications.
  • Beneficial topics new to you. With 84 sessions and hundreds of speakers, you’re guaranteed to meet researchers and scholars from fields related to your own. You will come away with a broader perspective and a greater understanding of plant molecular biology interconnections.
  • Networking. There will be countless ways to establish connections with peers and potential mentors and partners.
  • Presentation skills. Whether you are presenting or listening to someone else present, you’ll likely pick up new techniques to help present future findings with added confidence.