Susana Coelho

CNRS, France

Sessions by Adrienne H.K. Roeder

[Day 1]
12.00 am - 01.00 pm
Theme: 5 Universal Principles of Company Growth
[Day 2]
01.00 am - 02.00 pm
Theme: 7 Key Business Owner Functions
[Day 3]
01.00 am - 02.00 pm
Theme: Our Best Mistakes in Business


Susana M. Coelho is a CNRS Research Director at the Station Biologique de Roscoff, France. Her principal research interest is in using the brown algae, one of only a small number of eukaryotic groups to have evolved complex multicellularity, as models to address fundamental questions in developmental and evolutionary biology. One of her most important contributions to the field is her role in the development of the brown alga Ectocarpus as a model organism. Susana completed her PhD with Colin Brownlee at the Marine Biological Association (Plymouth University) in 2003, and later joined the Station Biologique de Roscoff as an EMBO Fellow. She is currently a Principal Investigator of the Algal Genetics Group at Roscoff, together with Mark Cock. Susana’s many achievements include having led two ERC Grants (SEXSEA and TETHYS), and being awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal in 2015 and of the Trogoboff Prize from the French National Academy of Sciences in 2017.