John Bowman

Monash University

Sessions by John Bowman

[Day 1]
12.00 am - 01.00 pm
Theme: 5 Universal Principles of Company Growth
[Day 2]
01.00 am - 02.00 pm
Theme: 7 Key Business Owner Functions
[Day 3]
01.00 am - 02.00 pm
Theme: Our Best Mistakes in Business


John Bowman is a Professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He earned his PhD at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, USA studying the genetics of flower development. Following his PhD, he moved to Australia, where he took a post-doctoral position at Monash University. He then joined the University of California Davis (USA) as Assistant Professor. In 2006, he returned to Monash University as Professor and ARC Federation Fellow. John’s research is focused on the evolution and development of land plants using the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana and others as genetic model systems including the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha. His pioneering work has uncovered the genetic basis of numerous fundamental processes including the action of ABC genes in controlling flower organ identity, the roles and evolutionary origin of transcription factor families in dorso-ventral polarity and outgrowth of leaves and more recently the action of homeodomain transcription factors in regulating the plant life cycle by switching on development of the diploid, sporophytic phase. He furthermore helped to establish Marchantia as model organism and was the lead investigator for the Marchantia genome project under the direction of the Joint Genome Institute (DOE, USA). For his work, John has been honoured with numerous awards including the Beckman Young Investigator Award, the 2003 UC Davis Chancellor’s Fellow and the MJD White Medal from the Genetics Society of AustralAsia. In 2014, John became a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.