David Karoly

University of Melbourne, Australia

Sessions by Adrienne H.K. Roeder

[Day 1]
12.00 am - 01.00 pm
Theme: 5 Universal Principles of Company Growth
[Day 2]
01.00 am - 02.00 pm
Theme: 7 Key Business Owner Functions
[Day 3]
01.00 am - 02.00 pm
Theme: Our Best Mistakes in Business


Professor David Karoly is an internationally recognised expert on climate change and climate variability. He has recently retired and is an honorary Professor at the University of Melbourne. He was Leader of the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub in the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program, based in CSIRO, during 2018-21. Professor Karoly is passionate about plants and the role they play in sustaining life on Earth. Plants are a key component of climate change, both its causes through some fossil fuels and agriculture and land clearing, and some of its solutions, through reforestation and changes in agriculture, as well as phytoplankton in the oceans. He has built on this passion in a number of advisory roles, including as a member of the National Climate Science Advisory Committee during 2018-2019. During 2012-2017, he was a member of the Climate Change Authority, which provides advice to the Australian government on responding to climate change, including targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He has been involved in the Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2001, 2007, 2014 and 2021. In 2019 he was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and in 2015 was awarded the Royal Society of Victoria Medal for Scientific Excellence in Earth Sciences.