Cairns is a subtropical city in Far North Queensland consisting of 150,000 people and the city is often referred to as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The Cairns Esplanade bustles with activity day and night and is lined with bars and restaurants and has a swimming lagoon. To the northwest lies the Daintree National Park with its mountain rainforests, stunning gorges and pristine beaches. We recognise the rich Aboriginal heritage of the Cairns region and acknowledge the Djabugay, Gunggandji, Yidinji and Yirriganydji peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the lands where IPMB2022 will be held. We acknowledge the strength and knowledge of their living cultures and pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Society Support for IPMB2022 Cairns

The Congress has the support of Australia’s ASPS and ASBMB.


Founded in 1958, the Australian Society of Plant Scientists (ASPS, is an incorporated society (ABN: 19 612 119 821) that promotes Plant Science in Australia. Membership (currently over 500) is open to all professional plant scientists and plant science students in Australia. We have the support of the current ASPS President Sergey Shabala, who has agreed to be on our advisory panel. We also have full support from the incoming ASPS President Kathy Soole, who will serve her 3-year term from mid-2018 until mid-2021. In her own words, this ensures that “all through preparation time and at the meeting the Society will be giving full support to the bid”. We also have formal support from Professor Leann Tilley, the current president of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB, The ASBMB was established in 1955 and unites biochemists and molecular biologists from around Australia.

Local Scientific Support for IPMB2022 Cairns

Australia’s plant science community is right behind the Congress … let’s grow it!


To bring IPMB2022 down under we presented a bid with substantial and nation-wide support for this conference from the Australian plant science community. This included formal support from 50 leading Australian plant scientists including: Allan Green, Anna Koltunow, Barry Pogson, Bernard Carroll, Bob Furbank, Bostjan Kobe, Chris Grof, Christine Beveridge, Dave Edwards, Ed Newbigin, Geoff Fincher, Harvey Millar, Ian Small, Jacqueline Batley , James Dale, James Whelan, Jimmy Botella, John Bowman, John Evans, John Manners, John Patrick, John Rathjen, Josh Heazlewood, Karam Singh, Liz Dennis, Marcus Heisler, Marilyn Anderson, Martha Ludwig, Mary Byrne, Matthew Gilliham, Min Chen, Owen Atkin, Paul Haynes, Peter Waterhouse, Rachel Burton, Robert Henry, Roger Hellens, Ros Gleadow, Sergey Shabala, Spencer Whitney, Staffan Persson, Steve Swain, Steven Smith, Sureshkumar Balasubramanian, Surinder Singh, TJ Higgins, Tony Bacic, Tony Millar, Ulrike Mathesius, and Ute Roessner.

For the operational organisation, we have a team of enthusiastic plant scientists that are mostly recently tenured or tenure-track. These include a ‘man on the ground’ in Cairns (Australian Tropical Herbarium Director, Darren Crayn), the ASPS President (Kathy Soole), a group of early career researchers on nationally competitive Australian Research Council Future Fellowships (Mark Waters, Monika Murcha, Matt Tucker, Berit Ebert) and includes experts that apply molecular biology beyond the usual fields into ecology and evolution (Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos, Rose Andrew). This team have a broad network as well as the time and energy to ensure the meeting is a success.

As the chair for IPMB2022 Cairns (Joshua Mylne), I am certain that with the aforementioned support and working with a steering group appointed by IPMB, we can deliver a fantastic IPMB conference in Cairns in 2022. Join us!

Gender, Equity and Parents

Because it’s the 21st century!


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement “Because it’s 2015” as an explanation for his half-female cabinet was as right as it was succinct and we are all aware of the misrepresentation of women in senior academic positions. Well it’s going to be 2022, and we all have a part to play and as such we will adopt a policy to help redress the imbalance. These include (i) equal female and male representation on the organising committees; (ii) equal female and male representation in session chairs; (iii) equal female and male international invited speakers; and (iv) invitations to high quality speakers of both sexes in line with the gender balance in our research community. Specifically, invitations from abstracts will be made to males and females in the same proportion as the abstracts submitted. We will also extend some bursaries for child care-related travel and, at the venue, provide a ‘noise allowed’ children’s room that live streams lectures to an external viewing room.

IPMB2022 on Plantae

Join the online community at Plantae as we build towards 2022.


Plantae is the global community and knowledge hub for plant scientists. It will be the place to go for discussions, articles, videos, documents and collections relevant to IPMB2022. Connect now on on Plantae